"Just as we now love one another by telephone and work not on matter but on machines, we kill and are killed by proxy. What is gained in cleanliness is lost in understanding."

Albert Camus 

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Tues., 15 JulyA dissolute introduction.

Tues., 15 July
A dissolute introduction.

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"You know a moment is important when it is making your mind go numb with beauty."

Friedrich Nietzsche 

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"Counting," by Autre Ne Veut

"Whenever a theory appears to you as the only possible one, take this as a sign that you have neither understood the theory nor the problem which it was intended to solve."

Karl Popper 


Look ThirteenBookworm—delirious, deprived of zzZzz, and a little disheveled.


Look Thirteen
Bookworm—delirious, deprived of zzZzz, and a little disheveled.

comein-with-themilk asked: Amazingly enough, two things embedded in their past and present can create dynamic accents, earth moving around itself and the sun, yet nothing is ever moving. In between naked singularity lies everything.

Any object is accented by its own polarity, and anchored by the weight of its absence. If it is not in motion, it will collapse into its own impending void. What I meant by the commentary to that quote is art is the only immortal force—even in its stillness it will prove to breathe life into its next intention. 

"A promise may be lacking, and yet the whole writing may be instinct with an obligation imperfectly expressed."

Justice Benjamin Cardozo (1870-1938)

"Grand Union," by Arthur Beatrice

Time inserted [here].

Time inserted [here].

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"But, having the contract before us, we can see that this ambiguous expression cannot be taken to mean more than notice, and notice of a fact which would depend upon the accidents of the future."

Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes
Globe Refining Co. v. Landa Cotton Oil Co.,
Texas, 1903

Laser beams and fluorescent dreamscapes.

Laser beams and fluorescent dreamscapes.

"Time passes, life is a stream, etc., so people say. That is not what I find: time stands still, and so do I. All the plans I project fly straight back at me; when I want to spit, I spit in my own face."

Soren Kierkegaard, Either/Or

Art is all that is in motion.